In writing music for the stage, screen and video games I draw on two of my deepest interests: exploring human responses to musical performance and celebrating the diversity of music itself. Whether I’m asked to produce a stylistic pastiche or a completely unique sound I always tailor the musical landscape to suit each individual project.

As a classically trained musician I’m particularly skilled at working with live musicians. With years of experience working as a composer, orchestrator and conductor I’m able to write for live performers in a way that maximises musical impact while keeping rehearsal and recording time to a minimum. What’s more, I’m able to prepare performing parts for recording sessions to a high quality and very quickly, negating the need to subcontract this work.

Whether you’re looking for a composer, an orchestrator, a conductor, a copyist or all four rolled into one, I will happily discuss your needs. If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact me.